General English for Juniors

at Lord Wandsworth College

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These communicative classes are for students from Pre-Intermediate all the way up to Proficiency level. They will help you to improve all aspects of your English from reading, writing, listening and speaking, to pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Each week will focus on a different theme and project work will encourage useful communication. You will also carry out research about the places you are visiting before each excursion. 

The General English course is run for 12 hours each week, every weekday morning (excluding Wednesdays) up until lunch time. In addition to the General English course, you will also study for 6 hours each week in a Specialist Skills workshop. 

Course Fees

1 week
£1100 in total

with Specialist Skills Workshops

3 weeks
£3200 in total

with Specialist Skills Workshops

5 weeks
£5300 in total

with Specialist Skills Workshops

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