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You can take a secure LanguageCert examination anytime, anywhere, even from the comfort of your home or office. Once you have taken your exam, you will receive your results within 3 days. You can enrol for your LanguageCert exam up to 4 hours before the examination.


Wimbledon School of English is an authorised test centre for LanguageCert. To book an exam, you can purchase a token and register through us. Once you have bought your token, you can take your exam anytime, at a time that suits you, within 365 days.


This exam is available for levels B1 to C2 and it will evaluate your English skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking. They use cutting edge technology and expertly trained Online Invigilators (proctors) to guide you through the exam. It is always secure and reliable. LanguageCert is officially recognised in the UK by Ofqual, Qualification Wales, UCAS and many more organisations throughout the world.


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There are no boundaries in their world. They are creative, strong, beautiful. They question everything and make it better. They are changing the world because they are the future. And the future only deserves the best. LanguageCert, the next generation in English language qualifications, by PeopleCert, the worldwide leader in certification.

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