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Test to Release – Information & Quarantine Offer

Test to Release – Information & Quarantine Offer


To take part in the scheme you need to:


Test to Release Offer – for all courses beginning by 31st March 2021

i. You use one of the providers listed below

ii. You provide us with your test result and receipt of payment


Axiom Laboratory - - 0330 332 5696 -

Chronomics - - 020 8016 2620 -

DNA Workplace - - 0203 943 8371 -

Halo Verify - - 0203 991 9743 -

20% off all Hybrid Courses at WSE

We are offering a 20% discount off all hybrid courses at WSE. 

Since we re-opened in August, we have been successfully streaming live lessons to students who have had to quarantine on arrival to the UK. This allows students to participate in the school-based lessons virtually from home, then when their quarantine period ends, they can join their class physically.

In 2021, most of our Standard & Intensive school-based courses will also be available as hybrid lessons. It is not just for students who have to quarantine.

Any student can participate in the school-based lesson from home and they will be treated as another member of the class. The hybrid students will take part in some classroom activities, be given tasks and self-study just like the rest of the class.

If you have any questions about our 20% Hybrid courses offer and how it works with the test to release scheme, please get in touch

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