Academic Year Programme

Quick Facts


Minimum Age - 16


Hours/Week - 20 hours or 23 hours 20 mins


Maximum Class Size - 14


Course Length (weeks) - 24 - 50


Course Level - A1 to C2

Course Information

The Academic Year Programmes are designed for long-term English language training and are ideal if you plan to study English for 6 months or more. They provide excellent value for money and a flexible approach to your studies. You can choose from any of our standard or intensive courses provided you meet the entry requirements. This course is perfect for those who want to study at a UK university or develop their business careers. 

Our minimum age for individuals is 16, but we occasionally accept 15-year-olds in General English international classes if they are part of a group with a group leader. We can accept 14-year-olds only in closed groups with a group leader.

Please note: Students aged under 18 are only supervised in lessons and on class excursions.

Our average class size is 12, with a maximum of 14 except in July and August when General English and Cambridge English Exam Preparation classes may have up to 16 students. Our 14 student limit may be exceeded by a maximum of 1 student for 1 week in exceptional circumstances.

Beginner level start dates: 

Monday 4th January 2021
Monday 22nd February 2021
Monday 26th April 2021
Monday 7th June 2021
Monday 6th September 2021

Below is a full list of public holidays:

Friday 2nd April 2021 (classes finish on Thursday 9th April)
Monday 5th April 2021
Friday 3rd May 2021 (classes finish on Thursday 7th May)
Monday 31st May 2021
Monday 30th August 2021

Wimbledon School of English will close for the Christmas and New Year holidays on Friday 17th December 2021 and reopens on Tuesday 4th January 2022. 

Classes missed as a result of a public holiday will not be refunded or made up.

Benefits of the Academic Year Programmes:

If you would like to take an exam preparation course as part of this programme, we recommend that you do this at the end of your course. This will enable you to get the highest possible score in your exam. 

Standard or Intensive

Standard Academic Year Programme

24 lessons/20 hours per week for 24 - 50 weeks.


Intensive Academic Year Programme

28 lessons/23 hours and 20 minutes per week for 24 to 35 weeks.

Add on one of our options classes to your standard course:


When booking your standard course you can select these as add-on courses in the booking menu. You can book each course from 2 - 12 weeks**

*1-to-1 lessons also require an extra supplement depending on how many lessons you book.

**Football Academy only runs from 5th July 2021 for 8 weeks and requires an extra supplement to join. You can book for 1 to 8 weeks.

You will:

done Progress to a good level in all areas of English including grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading and writing.

done Prepare for the exams you need if you plan to go to an English-speaking college or university.

done Join any full-time standard course as part of your Academic Year Programme at no extra cost.

done Have up to 2 hours homework per day.

Standard Course Fees

24 to 35 weeks
£242 per week

plus registration & materials

36 weeks +
£227 per week

plus registration & materials

Intensive Course Fees

24 to 35 weeks
£294 per week

plus registration & materials

36 weeks +
£279 per week

plus registration & materials

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