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Start any Saturday

3 lessons per week

Saturday 07.00-10.00 GMT (includes two 15-minute breaks)


This part-time IELTS online weekend course offers 3 lessons per week of focused IELTS examination preparation. You will learn English online with 3 live lessons to prepare for the IELTS Academic examinations. It also gives fantastic guidance on academic study techniques for use at an English speaking university, meaning that you can totally prepare for studying at an English university.


You will:

Course Fees

2 weeks
£27 per week

plus registration & materials

4 weeks

plus registration & materials

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Fees & Materials


£27 per week (min 2 weeks booking)

£100 for 4 weeks

4 weeks+ = £25 per week



1 - 20 weeks - £40


Registration Fee:

Registration: £30.00*

*no registration fee if you are an ex-WSE student!

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