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WSE Live! Adult (16+) Online Courses & Juniors (8-17) Online Courses

These are the terms and conditions for our WSE Live! Online courses. If you are looking for the terms and conditions for our WSE main-school courses, please click here. 

WSE Live! Adult (16+) Online Courses & Juniors (8-17) Online Courses

Terms & Conditions 2020

Wimbledon School of English WSE Live! Terms & Conditions are binding on all students, regardless of whether the booking is direct, or through a representative.


  1. The minimum age for individual students is on adult courses is 16 years.
  2. The minimum & maximum ages for students on our online juniors programme are 8 & 17.
  3. The minimum age for students in closed groups is 8 years. There is no maximum age.
  4. Parents or guardians of any students aged under 18 need to complete, sign and return the parental consent form, which will be sent with the confirmation of booking.

Payments and bookings

  1. Payment should be sent with the booking.
  2. The booking confirmation will be sent and your place in class at WSE guaranteed once we have received the full payment.
  3. Students will not be sent the class link until full payment has been received.

All fees are payable in pounds sterling and payment can be made as follows:

  1. By bank transfer directly to our account. Please note that students are responsible for any bank charges. Please email us a copy of the remittance advice. Please indicate the student’s name on the remittance.
  2. By UK Debit card. All debit card payments can only be in pounds sterling.
  3. International payments by Flywire: Wimbledon School of English has partnered with Flywire to make your international payments easier and safer. Flywire allows you to pay from almost any country by bank transfer, credit card and other local payment methods. How to make an international payment with Flywire:

Returning Students

If you return to WSE Live! Online or Wimbledon School of English for another course, you are not charged the registration fee.

Pre-course Cancellations & Refunds

If you are not able to take the course as planned, there are two options:

  1. Postponement   We will give you a credit voucher valid for two years from the course start date.  This voucher can be used for the equivalent online course, or used towards a course at Wimbledon School of English.
  2. Cancellation   You may cancel the course with no penalties up to 7 days before the course start date. We will refund your fees in full, less any bank charges.  If you have booked through an agent, the refund will be given via the agent.

Cancellation/Change of Course after Starting the Course

If you have to stop your course early, your tuition fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

  1. We are unable to offer credits to students who stop their course early.
  2. Fees are non-transferable. This means you cannot transfer your fees to another person. You cannot convert full-time group study to One-to- One or Two-to-One study.
  3. Periods of absence due to accident or sickness are non-refundable.


  1. If you wish to extend your course you may do so, provided there is a place available. Extensions must be paid in full before a place can be reserved.
  2. The course extension fee is the difference between the published price for the total weeks booked and the amount already paid.
  3. If you have booked and paid through a representative, your course extension fee must be paid to the representative.

Holidays & Absence

  1. WSE Live! Online is not open on Saturdays or Sundays or on UK public (bank) holidays.
  2. Classes missed as a result of a public holiday will not be refunded or made up.
  3. If you wish to take a holiday, you must give 7 days’ notice in writing to the Director of Studies or Principal. Please note that we do not give refunds for holiday periods, but you can extend your course.
  4. If a student misses a lesson, regardless of the reason, we cannot give a refund or allow them to take the lesson at another time.



  1. We are a serious school and expect every student to be on time, attend every lesson and do all their homework. Latecomers are not allowed into class.
  2. We keep attendance registers.
  3. Any student who is sick must message their teacher or the Director of Studies, if possible before the lesson
  4. If a student is asked to leave WSE Live! Online for poor attendance or conduct, their fees will not be refunded.
  5. Students will only receive a certificate if their attendance has been 80% or more.

Photographs and Filming

  1. Classes cannot be filmed or otherwise recorded in any way by a student without the permission (in writing) of either the Principal or Director of Studies, except when the teacher may ask the class to record part of a lesson.
  2. WSE may use film or still photographs of students for promotional purposes.
  3. You (or your parents if you are under 18 years of age) must inform the school before your course starts if you will not allow us to use such images. Parents of under 18s will receive a Parental Consent form which must be completed and returned to us. Students aged 18 and over must inform us on day one of the course.


Resolution of disputes

All complaints will be fully investigated as per our “Complaints Procedure” providing:

     I.         The complaint is made while the student is attending our school.
    II.         The complaint is registered in writing with the Director of Studies or Operations Director. 
   III.         All invoices relating to the student making the complaint have been settled in full.

We do not accept complaints received after the student has completed their course.


  1. In very rare circumstances the stated maximum class size might be exceeded. If this does happen, it will only be by one person and for one week.
  2. The school reserves the right to cancel or alter a course. If we do so, we will offer either an alternative course or a refund of all fees.
  3. Where there is only one person on a particular group course, we reserve the right to offer the cost-equivalent number of individual lessons instead of the group course.
  4. If your English level is not suitable for the course you have booked, we reserve the right to move you onto a different course or to refuse you admission to the online school.
  5. The school reserves the right to change teachers at any time during the course.
  6. The school reserves the right to alter dates, fees and any particulars in the brochure without prior notice.
  7. Students who cannot read or write Roman script: please note that we are unable to teach literacy in our group classes. Any student who requires lessons in literacy must book private lessons with the school for this purpose.
  8. The Managers of the school reserve the right at their absolute discretion to refuse any application for enrolment of any student at any stage of the application or booking process. The School shall be under no obligation whatsoever to give reasons for the decision of the Managers. If an enrolment is refused, all paid fees will be refunded.

Personal Information

  1. We keep your information in electronic format.
  2. In order to fulfil our obligations to you, and, in some cases, to the British authorities, it is necessary for us to see a copy of your passport or national ID document, and visa if applicable, to have contact details for you,  and to have details of your next of kin in your country. You must, therefore, agree to provide these details and keep them up to date if they change.
  3. Students and/or parents are reminded of the need to disclose medical information about the student to the school when the application is made.
  4. By accepting these Terms & Conditions you accept our right to use your personal information in this way.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy governs any kind of processing of personally identifiable information. This policy applies to our processing of data collected through any means, actively as well as passively, from persons located anywhere in the world. We will be guided by the following principles when collecting and processing data:

You can view our full Privacy Notice at

Force Majeure

  1. Wimbledon School of English is not liable for failure to perform its obligations if such failure is as a result of Acts of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, infectious diseases or pandemics or other natural disasters that are beyond the reasonable control of the parties), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalisation, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labour dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity, internet or telephone service. Refunds will not be made in such circumstances.
  2. If the school asserts Force Majeure as an excuse for failure to perform its obligations, then the school must prove that it took reasonable steps to minimise delay or damages caused by foreseeable events, that the school substantially fulfilled all non-excused obligations, and that the other party (student, agent etc.) was, where possible, notified of the likelihood or actual occurrence of the event.


Terms and conditions are correct at time of publication.

June 2020