CSR Statement

Here at WSE, we believe that companies should be responsible for managing their business in a sustainable manner.  This means understanding both the nature and the degree of impact they have on society. To do this, we have used the four key areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that have been identified.  These are:

- Marketplace (our customers and suppliers)

- Workplace (our staff)

- Environment (use of resources)

- Community (our involvement with society in general) 

To ensure that CSR is integrated into the way we run our business, we will report annually on our achievements in these four areas.

Click here to read a copy of our 2017 CSR report.

For more information on WSE’s Charity of the Year, please visit our Charity webpage.


WSE Charity Work

Our official charity for 3 years running is The Thunder Foundation.  

Thunder is a very small, family-run British charity founded in 2012, working every day to give young children the start in life that they deserve. The charity provides education, housing, food, healthcare, medication, sanitation and support to children living in Kawangware, Nairobi - one of Africa's largest slums. With over 800,000 people living in Kawangware and 60% being children, it is one of the most populated slums in Nairobi. 


Here are some of the many projects that the Foundation has been involved in to support these children and their families:

   pastedGraphic_1.png   pastedGraphic_2.png

We are very proud to be supporting The Thunder Foundation and our aim for 2020, along with our students and partners, is to help them in all their missions and future plans.  

To find out more about the The Thunder Foundation, please visit www.thethunderfoundation.org and www.facebook.com/TheThunderFoundation.

To donate, please visit The Thunder Foundation donation page

Thank you! 


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